Included in the tuition fee

Preschool classes included in the tuition fee

  •  English
  •  Spanish
  •  Art & Drama
  •  Physiotherapy exercises
  •  Dancing & Music games
  •  Speech therapy
  •  Biblical tales and reflections
  •  Savoir –vivre
  •  Psychologist supervision
  •  Ecology
  •  Chess
  •  Multi-cultural classes (each group learns about the customs, cuisine and natural environment of different continents in specially designed play-rooms which enable “virtual tours” through the culture, food, flora and fauna, and landscape of each continent)
All activities are adapted to the needs of each age grou

Partners and donations

The Parist Order Collegium

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Donate 1% income tax

In our fundraising, we are supported by the St. Joseph Calasanz “Children Friends’ Circle” Foundation.

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Piccolo Coro Calasanziano Choir

If you like singing, you write music, you are interested in liturgical music or you want to sing for God and everyone you love, come and join us!

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