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The fundamental principles of Piarist Schools

The fundamental principles of Piarist Schools The ideas which guide the mission of Piarist Schools, including preschool as a preparatory stage, form the basic principles of a Piarist educational institution:

1. Gospel as the core model – it casts the light of truth on all didactic activity, helping the children develop a vision of life based on Christian values. The whole education process aimed at guiding the students towards positive attitude to themselves, other people and the world, is set within the context of Gospel, in accordance with Christ’s teaching.

2. Christian image of a man – every man is a child of God, capable of self-development. Accepting this basic truth of Christian anthropology helps to fully comprehend the sense of human existence.

3. Integrity in education and upbringing – The Piarist educational institutions aim at inculcating in their students the sense of inner integrity, namely, the combination of faith, culture and life essential for developing a mature Christian attitude.

4. Religious education with due regard on freedom – the Piarist Preschool introduces children to the principles of faith and Christian morality as well as familiarizes them with prayer and sacramental life.

5. Maintaining high standards of teaching – the key characteristics of Piarist pedagogy are simplicity, practicality and efficiency of teaching methods.

6. Understanding school and preschool as community – Apart from educational purposes, Piarist institutions pay special attention to teaching interpersonal communication skills. Promoting tolerance, positive communication patterns, truthfulness and respect to individual differences are crucial elements of our curriculum.

7. Cooperation with parents – Family has the main responsibility in raising and educating children. Therefore, the Piarist Preschool can only play its role when proper communication with parents is maintained.

8. Children’s Safety – In the Piarist School and Preschool we believe that providing children with secure environment is crucial to their harmonious development and creating the atmosphere of friendship and understanding.

Partners and donations

The Parist Order Collegium

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Donate 1% income tax

In our fundraising, we are supported by the St. Joseph Calasanz “Children Friends’ Circle” Foundation.

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Piccolo Coro Calasanziano Choir

If you like singing, you write music, you are interested in liturgical music or you want to sing for God and everyone you love, come and join us!

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